The Unknowable Ether
I stretch the tendrils of my mind
Into the far reaches of space
But my senses are foreshortened
By the limits imposed on my race.
We humans are ill equipped to know
The majesty of the background glow
Of the Creation that houses all.
So, in my conscious stream
I can only dream…
Of my little solar system
My corner of this galaxy.
And in my dream of the ether
This is what I see..
The sun swings
Her planets around
Like a child her playthings
Her hula hoops or balloons
Or her yo-yos on strings.
I, as a human, a child, built
A castle that I called mine
Beside the tides of space
On the shoreline of time.
The moon danced in the sky
Pushing and pulling at the sea,
And wiping out all trace
Of human frailty.


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