Humble hero..tree! (Davidian poem)

Humble Hero 

Creating the very life breath of earth

Shelter for insects, animals and birds

Some durable, some fragrant, of great worth,

Silently inspiring high thoughts and words.

Humble hero is the tree.

Rooted in natal land, content to stand,

No wanderlust disturbs its peace of mind,

Reaching up to clouds or starry dream land,

To earthly affairs yet, attuned, aligned, 

Humble hero is the tree. 

Without trees the world would indeed be bare

A barren desert, sandy, empty, place

Without the cool life giving rain and air,

That graceful trees offer the human race.

Humble hero is the tree. 

Rainforests disappear before our eyes

The world is getting hotter by the day Let’s each plant a tree to be truly wise

And reverse climate change without delay.

Humble hero is the tree. 


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