Air, everywhere!

You girdle the globe

Unfettered, unfenced

Earth’s protective shield, 

A first line of defence. 

Blanketing our sphere

Extending miles high into space

Protecting us against fierce cosmic rays. 

Cushioning us from meteors

That could pock mark

The richest farmland. 

You convert to a spark

Each meteorite that falls 

And create fireworks

Display in the dark. 

As gentle zephyr you softly flow

You rage as typhoon and tornado

You penetrate even the deepest gloom 

To oxygenate

Undersea trench or catacomb. 

Did you make life, I often wonder

From moistened protein, 

Lightning and thunder? 

You support all life

For life were you made, 

For combustion and transport

For commerce and trade.

Great equalizer, for I know my breath

Contains molecules that have rattled in death

In the lungs of great criminals, but of sages, too, 

My lungs inspire air, and inspire me to do

Great deeds, think thoughts

That will inspire many others

To understand truly that we are all brothers. 

That we all can be 

As free as the air, and aspire

To a state of being that’s much higher. 

From our mean sea level

To reach far up into space, 

Realise our full potential

As the evolved human race.

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