Hard skulls, and our brains within

A maze of grey and diffuse thought. 

Pondering on the universe

On how energy and matter were wrought.

Timelessness, chaos, the great darkness,

Nothingness, so whence came the Energy

That created spacetime, and these vivid worlds—

All that we now see?

Our ancients postlulated the Purusha, Primal cause Of all

Who projected a fourth of Him-Her- It-self out in play

Sacrificing, splitting Singularity

Into a vast Cosmic array.

But humans magnify all difference–

 Find no congruence

Between —

Male and female,

Body and soul,

Matter and energy,

Which make up the whole

Of existence.

Distaste for certain facets of the whole

Humanity can ill afford

So sages depicted Purusha as Ardhanarishwar

In the temple at Tiruchengode

The right half of this magnificent figure

Is masculine,

The left is feminine;

And both together coalesce

To point up the divine

Within every one of us.

Are not all sciences intertwined, too,

Each dependent on the other

As are the races that share the earth

Evolving, progressing, together?


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