Why do you burn yourself up in my sky,

Momentarily attracting, dazzling,  my eye?

Do you think I shall long ponder on your flight,

With bright  stars blazing in the firmament all  night?

For ages they’ve shaped my dreams, philosophy, science,

Taught me to develop tools, built up my self reliance.

And they will shine on, peacefully calm,  you must remember,

When, like you, I may have become extinct, just charred ember.





Unplanned growth

Is our development shaped by environment or the power of the gods,

Or by a potpourri of genetics and whimsical ends and odds?

Or do we randomly map the advance of our race

By our thoughts idling in neutral in a mental fog or daze?

A figment of the imagination, an idle daydream

Becomes new technology or science mainstream.

And flashes of intuition from the lighthouse of our souls

Light up intermittently many distant goals.

But the courage of conviction, the energy to pursue

Their dream is given only to the minds of a few.

We disdainfully discard that which cannot be measured

Intangible mental powers which surely should be treasured.

Can we chart our progress, can we focus and train

The unmapped, untapped, powers of the brain?

The search

I am a seeker trying hard to find

The reason for my existence in my own mind.

A restlessness that I cannot define

Drives me along, a relentless urge,

Uniquely mine, a swelling upsurge

Of energy that will not be denied,

A personal ,powerful, roaring riptide

That carries me along in its wake,

That throws up seeming treasures for me to take.

I have scrambled for, given undue importance to gold,

Striven for learning,  climbed up power’s scaffold ,

And I am just  learning that these are a tenuous toehold

To That which I seek-  the multifaceted, manifold,

Spark of divinity in me , that’s  my soul.

And when finally, the waves of Maya are stilled,

I shall glimpse my true nature, and rest, fulfilled.





The imaginary

In a universe so vast, it is easy to miss

Or as a human-in-a-hurry, overlook , dismiss,

A probability, a possibility, that maybe, that is.

But I cannot  say for sure This will never be, or was not

Even if It’s  never seen, although long-sought.

On the current of space-time, up- or- downstream,

Exists every possible permutation of nightmare or dream.

And if there are truths invisible to me and to you,

Conversely, am I a wraith, or  am I real, am I true?




Cartographer, please help me to find

A tool to map my uncharted mind,

Or to create a model that I can use

To select the paths to the goals I choose.

I fear quicksands of idleness, and deep crevasses

Of despair, I want to locate the narrow passes

Of hope.

I search for pointers that’ll help me cope

With challenges.

My brain itself is the tool , you say?

How I ask you can clay shape clay?

If I harden and sharpen my intellect

Will it become rigid— a mould

That cannot flex , adapt, relearn,

Let go of the obsolete, the old?

I also need guidelines to energize and enthuse

The ninety percent of my brain that I never use

This lost potential, uncharted domain—

What a waste of resource, an idling brain,

Non-creative, consuming energy, a useless drain,

An increasingly unaffordable strain

On humanity!





We saw him first as a dot in the sky–

The traveller from a far-off world,

And after he landed, it took a really long time

To interact, translate,communicate.

In some ways, he was rather primitive,

Hadn’t harnessed fully the power of thought,

But energetic, eager to learn  and quite ready to be taught.

So now, in our galactic survey maps,

There’s a planet newly added

(Though out on a spiral arm of the galaxy, the boondocks of space),

It’s re-classified as  inhabited by a civilised race–

We’ve included the space traveller’s planet of  birth

The blue- green planet he calls – the Earth!

Size matters

I looked down the microscope at an ant

And found his eye looking up at me.

Two pieces of curved, ground glass

And the very large and very small

Lose their quality of hocus-pocus

As my understanding sharpens it’s focus.

And where do I fit into the cosmic scale

Of size and might?

I do have an inflated ego,  but–

Surely I cannot be at the centre of the infinite!