Blind was the beggar seated behind

The bustle and the fuss,

Men checking watches, tapping toes,

Waiting for their bus.

Forwarding news on cellphones

They had no time to spare

For a small voice that said”Excuse me”

A schoolgirl with a careworn air.

The beggar tiptapped his way

Around the busy bus stand,

“Take this and go to school, child”,

And he put some coins into her hand.

And she, who had lost her bus-fare

Wondered who had the keenest sight–

The insensitive office goers

Or he– who’d responded to her plight?



My attention span is short, I am easily bored,

In my high chair with its safety strap;

My world comprises home and daycare—

And everywhere,

I’m fed on puréed food and pap!

I see myself reflected in my father’s eyes

As he relaxes in his own armchair,

Imbibing predigested news and prejudiced views

And I think I would not care

To spend thirty years to take the ten baby steps

Which took him from here to there!

Wordy, wordy!

I don’t know why and cannot suppose

Why I’m unable to be descriptive, verbose,

Play with a myriad words, artistically expose

The beauty of language, like the purveyors of prose.

I tend to condense, distil and shrink

Every dream and idea, every thought that I think —

To shining pinpoints like bright stars that blink

I laugh, a cosmic jester, who, with a random link,

Creates a constellation that trembles on the brink

And turns into a mythical monster
–And I do it with pen and ink!

I don’t wonder that you prefer to open your door

To turn to novels and biographies and romances, a store

Of clarity, lucid description, maybe even dogma,

Rather than try to decipher the enigma

Of a poet’s verse!

Rabbit, run!

I am so scared of man’s humanity,

That if I see you before you see me,

I’ll be off with my hind legs thumping fright,

Be off , my bob tail flashing white.

In your labs suffer so many of my kind—

Killed by new drugs, by cosmetics gone blind.

When bio- warfare was a science fictional wonder

I was already a victim of myxomatosis down under!

And now my long ears have caught the echoes of that

Last war by men on animal habitat.

Should we now go extinct to end the man-animal strife?

Or live on in vain hope of a better life?

India 2018

How great is my country that pioneered math

Science, literature, blazed the first spiritual path–

Says a fellow countryman,no iconoclast,

Who glorifies, revels in, sees only -our past.

Another predicts the future with his keen foresight–

He says our potential is our intellectual might,

Humanity will speed ahead with the IT innovation

Whose adepts are all from our young population.

As I am a myope, I envy these guys

With their all around vision, their far seeing eyes,

For my poor, weak eyessight can only focus

On the potholes of the present,the violence around us!!


For ages we have walked with a stumbling tread

By forces unknowable, been blindly led,

To this age when we’re finally able to make choices—

(Though we still speak many tongues,have a myriad voices!)

There’s a fork on evolution’s path where we now stand

We can change ourselves or our environment,our land.

Reengineer our body and brain, so the human race

Can adapt itself to land, sea or space!

Or transform the earth, make it the heaven we seek,

Assuming we’re the limit ,evolution’s peak.

But can we be sure of the nature and trend

Of these pathways, assume they never end

Or join up together around the next bend?

Evolution and nature could have forged a new plan

To meld together the earth, machine and man!

We must develop and change though our present form we cherish—

Forestall nature, develop our bodies and minds or perish!

The modern Red queen’s race

For the creators of AI, the ultimate dream

Is to prepare a program so advanced it would seem

To adapt itself to any environment, any change,

And be able to grow apace, outrange

Our present.

The teacher’s dream is to develop in each

Child the capacity for growth and outreach.

For each child can potentially make or break

Us. As never before, our ways of life are at stake.

Evolution’s ladder is a slippery slide:

We must cling and climb,for to descend or step aside

Is extinction!

And the next step to take if we want to remain

At the top of Earth’s intelligence chain,

Is to educate our children to develop and use

Out of the box thinking, accept divergent views.

Instead of eyeing each other askance—

They must perform an intricate dance

With artificial intelligence,

Or be outpaced,defeated.

Accept that we’re only fit to be Control-Alt-Deleted!