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Long sight develops with age, they say,

But it’s the young who’re focussed on the far-away.

Fireworks and rages – pyrotechnics of the teens

Light up distant horizons full of glowing dreams.

The young demand  more drama and strife

They abhor the peace of humdrum life.

And, focussed on some grand designs, ignore today’s mild flavor —

The here -and- now is an acquired taste that only the mature can savour!


Big bang

Was the Big Bang random, a one-off discordant note?

As the Universe exploded from a cosmic mote?

Or, is,   like the clash of cymbals, a loud refrain

As Creation dies and is rebirthed again?

And is the music of the spheres a definite sign

That the start of space-time was by plan, design?

The caveman’s grunt,  down evolution’s road

Became classical music and digital code.

I can understand the formation  of a planet like earth,

And molecules of protein giving protoplasm birth.

But the torchlight of understanding that shows us the past

Cannot penetrate the blank wall of the Cosmic blast.



Hope and despair

Hope is when I walk at the dawn, at sunrise,

And believe we shall become more humane and wise,

Our focus on romancing the oceans and skies–

Our scientists shall engineer a spray-on device

To extract oxygen from water, and protect my eyes,

So I can stay underwater on long,  shallow dives,

And a full-body version, so I can live in and explore

In a microns thin pressure suit–the deep ocean’s floor!

Maybe very tiny,  very powerful jet-packs

That can be strapped on like haversacks

And let me fly over forests and mountain tracks.

Contact lenses that adjust to microscopic or telescopic vision,

Ear plugs that enhance my power to listen,

So that humans and our planet become healthier, fitter,

Cut out the showy glitter,  the waste,  the litter.

I feel despair when I trip over a stone below,

And see that the sunrise is the death of the stars’ glow.

I think the same scientists are in a rat race

With chemicals, bombs and germs to totally efface

Humankind,  leaving absolutely  no trace,

But allowing the earth to bring forth a new race–

Who will cherish her and whom she can embrace!







Long ago we used a log to cross the stream –

To cross continent and ocean, we harnessed steam.

We invented propellers and jets to break our cocoon,

To traverse the sky and reach for the moon.

And before many centuries pass, our race

Will cross the unimaginable abyss of space.

But which futue miracle of science will or can

Bridge the divide between man

and man?

And if we learn to read and connect with each mind,

Will this gestalt entity still be humankind?



High rise for high fliers?

I wonder which architect designed these homes?

Under a great palm, a cluster of domes.

Mud -walled, reed-thatched, eco-friendly, uncluttered,

No fuss, no furniture, the windows unshuttered.

Homes filled with light , and the scent of wild flowers,

Cunningly curved to keep out monsoon showers,

Very busy were the nieghbours, chirping cheery words,

Lucky little colony of yellow weaver birds!

Simian Circus

Chattering in falsetto like schoolchildren let out,

Flaunting tails like banners, their arms  flailing out,

A troop of monkeys descend on the pipal tree.

They seem to be on vacation from care, from gravity!

Even the mothers , with babies on their backs,

Swing blithely along the trapeze-like tracks.

Nibbling fruits, lobbing twigs, swinging upside down,

Each an acrobat and a mischievous clown.

If some are seated sedately, seeming old and wise,

They’re probably perfecting the art of disguise!

Our race has lost spontaneity, we even plan our fun–

Running wild without reason? It’s just not done!


Some notes on fur coats


Do leopards wear spots to avoid pot-shots

By poacher or hunter-with-a-gun?

But why wear a coat of fur-

(No wonder these cats don’t purr!)

In the heat of a tropical sun?


When stripes became passé,no longer chic

This is what the  tiger said

“I prefer any day to be dowdy and quick,

Rather than fashionable and dead!”

So thanks for the hype, but I’ll go with the stripe

Unafraid of flying lead!


“This enormous mane is such a pain”

Said the lion, as he snoozed in the sun,

It doesn’t let me leap, or play or run,

And the hunt I shirk– its strenuous work!

Let my lionesses have all the fun!