Childish dreams?

dreamt once of leading an elephant herd
Sitting on the neck of the tallest
I wanted to live far away from school
In the middle of a forest.
Later, I wanted to pilot a rocket to the moon
But short sight caught me up much too soon!
I wanted to be a librarian when I was eleven
Being surrounded by books was my idea of heaven
Also loved gardening, the flowers’ fragrance.)
In high school my thoughts turned to sports and romance, of course,
Read Mills and Boon between Asimov, and Wodehouse
Loved cycling and made the throwball team
But was quite short, so gave up my basketball dream.
I thought that an MA in litt would be nice
But peer pressure forced me to major in science
Loved teaching, did a BEd, then my allergies
Led me to a desk and a service industry.
Now I play with words– second childhood?
I create dream-worlds, and that feels really good!


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