I -manage I- magine

When I face the unknown, I must admit,

My imagination rears up and champs at its bit!

With the worst-case scenario it gallops away,

In the dark, it conjures cowled figures in grey!

Before a math test, I see a blanked-out brain,

Asleep, I jerk , as I fall into an abyss again!

In the company of the erudite scholar, well read,

My imagination is reined-in, its curiosity fed,

And the unnamed fears are killed , quite dead.

But the Universe is a wonderland, unmapped and vast

Seeing which, my mind gathers speed, whizzes past

The safety of the known, to the thrills of the dark night

In deciphering which lies humanity’s strength, it’s might!

Did our imagination color our world , give it form and shape ?

Or did it culture us, human beings, from the primordial ape?



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