The fledgling

I clutched my nest in frozen fear,

The day was bright, and very near

Seemed those great eagles in soaring flight

As they rode the thermals up to the heights.

I didn’t trust my untried wings, if they couldn’t unfold-

I’d be hurled down, crushed,– and  tighter grew my hold!

“Don’t fear, let go,” A deep Voice said–

It spoke to my heart, not my head.

“Stretch your wings, breathe deeply and try

To embrace the wind, be a part of the sky!”

Something in me thrilled to those words,

And I found myself flying ! A bird among birds!

I wondered who had helped me become me-

From my self imposed prison, had set me free.

“They call me Death,” said the Voice, “Who are by Life confined,

“Yet it was I who freed your soul, unshackled your mind!”

“My name is Siva the Destroyer, in fear’s dark season,

“And they call me  Brahma the Creator, at the dawn of reason!”






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