My mind was clear, as bright as the morn

In that pool upstream where I was born.

Then carried down the rushing river of Time,

It layered on experiences of virtue and grime.

Finally  I plunged  into the deep blue sea–

Dodging dangers, winning wisdom, carving an identity.

Routinely busy with the affairs of my kind

I suddenly wondered what I would find-

In the unexplored frontiers of my own mind.

The fugitive insights, wellsprings of thought,

Hidden under my ego, of achievements I’d wrought.

So now I must undertake a journey to my past-

Remembering what had shaped me into who I was.

As I swim upriver, my third muscles spasm:

My mind builds a bridge across that black chasm

Of fear of the unknown, of fading breath:

The last thin moment between life and death.

As I lay my eggs in the pool where I took birth

I realise I’m a link in the life that fills the Earth,

I finally feel whole, at peace with my role,

And I dance through death, an immortal soul!


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