What is the role of my immortal soul

In this game of life, in my mind?

Heeded or not, it influences thought,

A bystander we try hard to sideline.

Tied down,enmeshed, by duty,and gender–

Keeper of my conscience, a nurse attender.

Why did it give up the enormous thrill

Of wandering the space-time trail at will?

Shutting down higher functions until

It’s just a presence ,very small and still.

Was it a longing for rest and sleep–

Sinking into the unthinking deep

Of our illogical Earth?!





One thought on “Soulful

  1. S. Varatharajan

    Born as a human , chained as boy or girl, good or bad, studies occupation and friends and relatives, bound by a system. Take a bag and wander, without name or religion, like sadhus, the soul gets an answer, when not attached. Kailash / Thiruvannamalai / Chidambaram can give you solution.

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