Foreign language

As a scientist, I am curious , but I have long sight,

I focus on what’s far away , on glamour and light.

In the field of the extraterrestrial I proudly advance,

Identifying earth-like planets, seeking a chance:

To talk to alien beings from some far star

Show them how level-headed and logical we are!

Thus I mused as I dropped off to sleep,

But my dreams were all of swimming in the deep.

I dreamt I was straining to understand the many tales

Interesting stories told by sharks,fish and whales.

They joked about pressure changes , squids , crab’s claws,

About beeps and pings from a sea monster that never was.

Their frames of reference were so alien to me:

My senses opaque to what they could feel or see–

I understood that there are nearer planets we could explore–

Communicate with exotic beings,

Map our Earth’s sea and core!


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