rainbows of thought

A chameleon basking on a white rock

Was picked up suddenly by a wandering flock

Of black crows, who’d interrupted their flight,

To heckle, then arrest him on the charge of being white!

Till the court could be summoned he was lodged in a cell

He was allowed visitors, and they all wished him well.

For he reflected each ones opinion, of whatever hue,

Remaining all the while to his own nature true!

In court he stood on a tree trunk painted black,

And the crows had to let him go  for the complete lack

Of evidence to prove that he was white!

But nobody would admit to not being right!

So now the chameleon is free to wander at will

Among many races and  be accepted  until

He exhibits shades of  his opinion , original thought,

To brawny animals who are so easily bought

Or brainwashed into violent ways to not think

For themselves, which is the  way to :—extinct!






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