You said- darkest black was the sky at night

Moonless, without a star in sight.

But the heart of our galaxy is a massive black hole,

Swallowing great stars, and not even the soul

Of a ray of light, a beam gone astray,

Is reflected or allowed to escape, get away.

You think you see a comet -a  glow- low in the sky-  an omen!

That’s its tail, an ice crystal veil , streaming out in the light of the sun.

You but cross your fingers when you see a shooting star-

What unimaginable gulfs of space it must cross, how far

Travel  to become a streak of light in the air-

To whistle and die in the earth’s atmosphere!

You shrug when phone signals are corrupted;

Maybe a few solar flares just erupted,

Million mile-high fountains- their fiery glare

Caused by the fusion of tiny atoms stripped bare!

There are suns going nova, bursts of radiation and light-

X-rays and radio waves that zip through the night

So I don’t think you are factually wise

To extol the peace and quiet of the skies.

And the grandeur of space is mightier by far

Than our attempts to romance and appropriate the stars!




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