terra incognita

I hear the learned scientist say

That a fair-minded God does not play

Dice with natural and physical laws.

But surely our minds must give them cause

To believe that He must sometimes pause

In surreal dreamtime because

There seems to be no logic or laws

That regulate or order thought.

There is no blueprint for how you ought

To think — no design that is wrought

In the brain– no pattern that can be sought

Or understood, as quicksilver ideas race through the mind;

Changing its patternĀ , leaving imprints behind.

Each mind is so individual, unique,distinct

As the random whorls of a fingerprint:

Shaped by environment and genes innate,

Multifaceted minds can dream, love and hate.

If we could analyze, weigh up and size,

The many types and strains of varied human brains,

That vast territory, unmapped, uncharted,

Value education could be imparted.

And we could train an astrophysicist

Or a musician, a lyricist,

To do what they are best at doing

Enjoy Life without regretting, ruing!





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