zoo- vet


I am a veterinarian  at the city zoo, and interesting and varied are the jobs I do.

That grey elephant- this morning I dosed; his sneeze bowled me over, though it cleared his big nose!

Recently it took me a week to treat a centipede with corns on his hundred feet.

And though satisfying, it’s an enormous strain : to massage the neck of a giraffe with a sprain!

I’ve been nipped by a vulture who didn’t feel like flying; charged by a  rhino who thought he was dying;

I’ve treated a gorilla with an abscessed jaw, removed many a thorn from the lion’s paw.

I am good with wild animals calm or irate, I diagnose, dose, sedate, operate;

But I do wish that someone could tame down, domesticate–

The paper work I must do– the forms in triplicate!




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