My whitecapped little waves whisper on the sand,

Great rollers boom and thunder, far from any land,

Dirty scum flows over sandbars at rivers mouths—

And glass- green water covers coral beds down south.

My Mariana Trench can swallow Mount Everest with ease,

I laugh as men mark maritime boundaries!

All water, all life , different entities ,

Are undifferentiated,equal, in the oceans and seas.

I may indulge men  with their yatches and  surfboard rides,

But they’d better beware my roaring rip- tides!

I can toss up my head with a mighty roar-

And as ravening tsunami, swallow up your shore.

And maybe that’s what I should do before

You destroy the earth with your violence and gore!

How pristine was the world, a land unfenced,

Before you set up, instituted , hate and difference!










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