From the misty Mercara hills springs the Cauvery,

Other rivulets join her from the plantations of tea:

And this analogy is very similar I find

To a tiny new idea that attracts others to my mind!

At Ranganthitta, the River flows swiftly westwards

And on her banks there flock a bevy of  birds.

And around my idea, the new thought that gleams,

I find extraneous , impractical dreams!

At Mysore the Cauvery pauses awhile

At Brindavan she nods to the flowers that smile.

My mind , too , pauses to contemplate

Full- blown theories to which mine could relate.

There is downstream , a sheer , rocky, wall:

And the Cauvery leaps down as the Hogenekkal fall!

My theories take a tumble and fall to the floor,

And I recalibrate my ideas and thoughts once more.

The river now flows through the golden sand

Of Thiruvaiyar– Carnatic music’s wonderland!

I , too, take a vacation in the sunny warm weather

Then I find my ideas have broadened, my theory has

Come together!

Now the river rocks me on her lap,sits me down,

Feeds me from her rice-bowl- Tanjore’s temple town!

Then slowly she meanders to her tryst with destiny:

To fabulous Poompuhar, now  sunk – undersea!









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