I input data with fingertips and eyes

To my brain, my personal processing device.

But since retina- and finger-prints are unique to each man:

Subtly different is the data  we’ve collected and scanned.

Our conclusions are different, but for peace’s sake

We try to conform, our individuality forsake.

In the past, many new ideas were adopted and tried;

{Though some Galileos may have been sentenced to die!}

But to manage humanity’s needs, sheer numbers and mass-

We needed armies, codified behaviour and laws!

Now to get ahead, survive the rat-race-

I restrict new thought, shrink my brain-case.

I make my brain throw out any divergent thought-

Manipulate data, draw conclusions–

Through a specified slot;

And I have also allowed you to define-

Your world-view as dominant, putting down mine!

I’m afraid I’ve dammed,  dried up  fresh thought streams

And  fearing nightmares, killed newly budded dreams!









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