blank slate

At the moment of its birth, the baby whale

Must swim to the surface, breathe in, and exhale.

The fawn in the jungle must land on its feet,

Like the giraffe and the zebra- or they’re soon dead meat!

Who taught the eaglet to use updrafts to soar?

Aeronautics was built into his very core!

And with no lessons, no learning through trial and error

Tailor-bird and weaver-bird  build a perfect bower!

Why did nature not hard-wire, have an in-built plan

For the undeveloped, blank slate of “sapient” man?

Our potential we’ve left largely untapped-

Even though to changes we’ve learnt  to adapt,

We are forever spinning, as is our  planet earth:

Enquiring and learning, taking  mental rebirth.

Programming our minds, understanding ever more

Maybe that’s what we’re meant  to do-  experiment, explore!










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