No animal or bird that I know would be seen to stoop so low-

As to call her “One of us,”  the mixed-up, duck-billed platypus.

Though wide her beak, webbed her feet, white eggs arranged in a nest so neat:

No bird will call out or give tongue– for she has fur and suckles her young!

No mammal , friendly or extreme, low marsupial or monotreme

Will admit her into its fold– she’s always left out in the cold!

Evolution has left her in a niche-neither  bird, reptile or fish!

What is her phylum, class or race, -in society what is her place?

“Does it matter?” I hear you say. Well, just try it out someday-

Without the security of millions of your kind,

Friends, an  extended family,

Sharing your emotions, the thoughts in your mind,

Would you be you or I be me?




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