scene from the ramayana

Mighty were the  beasts that came to build a bridge across the sea-

Muscular apes and lumbering bears and the great eagles soaring free.

The smaller animals fled at the sight of so much armed and muscled might.

Except for the squirrel who stayed behind- the armies didn’t really mind-

For he carried twigs and pebbles and even rope in his jaws,

And whatever had slipped through their much larger paws;

And he provided light relief with his laughing and chatter

So his getting underfoot didn’t really matter.

And when the  bridge lay straight and true

The king gave each worker his reward , his due.

As he honored the squirrel his fingers left a track

Of silver stripes on the squirrel’s back!

He explained that all had labored in wind and weather-

But the squirrel’s efforts that had cemented the whole together!


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