thanjavur temples

A perfect sphere atop the spire–(I think it weighs one ton!)

What chutzpah he must have had– that old master- mason!

Intricately carved stones tell ancient tales– a visual delight

How clearly it speaks to us–that ancient grey granite!

More wondrous are the pillars hollowed out in stone:

Each when struck, produces a different pitch and tone!

Did the Chola’s court sit rapt and quiet, in the soft twilight,

To listen to the music of the singing grey granite?!

In alcoves inside the temple, each softly whispered  prayer

Is heard inside the sanctum- magnified and clear!

And festoons of stone chains , inspite of their weight,

Chime in the soft breezes of the starry night..

I love these ancient temples and their silent grey granite!






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