My third grade friends called me Asian girl and wondered why

My eyes didn’t slant or my nose turn up:

I said to the I’m Indian.

Later I landed at Delhi airport and people spoke

Hindi at me very  fast until

I said I’m Madrasi.

On the train to Madras I finally heard

The cadence of my native tongue;

And I told my fellow-passenger

“I’m from Tanjore town.”

At my cousin’s wedding the house was filled

With people, noise and flowers and I had to explain

To an old great aunt which branch of the family tree was ours.

This inward focus, narrowing vision comes natural to my introvert mind

So I tried to visualize Outward Bound to see what I could find.

The astronaut’s view is the heart-wrenching blue

Of the planet of his birth and when asked who he is,

He’ll probably reply “A Human from planet Earth.”

Further on, he’ll claim he’s carbon-based life,

Yet further and he’s a form of Matter–

But very far must he go along the Space-Time flow

Before his Self can shatter.

He’ll finally realize with a vast surprise –

The Universe and He are the same:

He the Mover and the Moved– He the Player and the Game!



One thought on “perspective

  1. Venkat Srinivasan

    That is wonderful Akka. The inward
    journey when continued deeper would probably yield the same answer in a different format- “He the observed and the observer”



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