logbook of life

Each line on my brow has been hard-earned,

Each silver hair for a page of life turned;

I’ve wind-damaged skin from all the cricket matches,

And from frolicking with my kids in the pool these dark patches;

Laugh-lines round my mouth, slight squint from summer sun

Are records of vacations filled with fun.

Worry-lines for a far-away child who was sick

Brittle nails from biting them down to the quick–

My son’s jokes are etched in crows-feet around my eyes,

And my comfort-food-filled  empty nest  makes my chin outsize.

The under-eye bags are from vigils kept

With a naughty night-owl grandchild while the whole world slept.

You suggest a beauty parlour with  its bottled array??

But they’ll erase my life’s history–Botox it away!!



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